THE PLATINUM CAT is a unique gas space heater with features designed to provide the utmost in safe, efficient, convenient, and trouble-free space heating comfort. When compared to all other types of space heaters, it stands alone in terms of the many features and benefits it offers the user:










Different models of THE PLATINUM CAT have been designed for residential and commercial applications and for recreational vehicles and marine applications. Our mission is parts and service for all existing CAT Heaters, and new 12Vdc LPG Vented CAT heaters.


THE PLATINUM CAT model 6P12(B) and 3P12(B) operate on low pressure 11"w.c. propane gas. Propane is clean burning and as convenient to use as electricity. As opposed to kerosene or wood, it requires no special handling. Gas is also the least expensive form of energy, costing one-half to one-fourth as much as electricity or kerosene.


One of THE PLATINUM CAT's key features is its catalytic combustion process. Catalytic combustion is a unique chemical reaction differing from open- flame combustion in that a catalyst is used instead of high temperature to sustain the combustion process. In the classic flame combustion of most gas furnaces and space heaters, fuel normally burns when combined with oxygen and ignited by a flame at temperatures of at least 1200F. Once started, the process is self- sustaining as long as there is sufficient fuel and oxygen, and as long as the temperature remains above 1200F. With catalytic combustion, the same reaction occurs except that a CATALYST, usually PLATINUM, is used instead of an open flame to sustain the combustion process, thus the term FLAMELESS COMBUSTION.

The process is further unique in that the combustion is only about 750F, which is well below the ignition point of most materials, reducing the likelihood of accidental fires. In addition to being flameless, catalytic combustion produces sun-like radiant heat. Radiant heat, like light, is electromagnetic wave energy. It travels in straight lines at 186,000 miles per second, casts shadows, and is absorbed or reflected by matter. As the sun heats the earth, which in turn heats the atmosphere, THE PLATINUM CAT first warms people and objects which in turn heat the air in the living space.

THE PLATINUM CAT floods an area around it with heat energy the same way a light floods an area with light. The intensity of the heat energy varies with the square of the distance it travels as does light, and it travels any distance until it is absorbed or reflected by people or objects in the room. The design and construction of a catalytic combustion burner is substantially different from that of a classic flame burner. The framework of the burner is constructed much like a flat, open-faced pan. Gas fuel is fed into the back of the pan. The gas is then moved through layers of materials, usually ceramic fibers. These layers act as an insulator as well as a diffuser to provide even gas distribution. The diffused gas then penetrates the top layer (the catalytic pad) which is impregnated with the platinum catalyst. The heat-producing chemical reaction between the fuel, oxygen, and the catalyst takes place right at and slightly into the surface of the catalytic pad. A properly constructed catalytic burner, as used in THE PLATINUM CAT, converts virtually 100% of the fuel used to heat.


THE PLATINUM CAT utilizes a power vent system which exhausts all combustion by-products to the outside of the living area, which automatically replace oxygen used for combustion. The vent system prevents buildup of unhealthy indoor air pollution and eliminates any chance of accidental asphyxiation.

All hydrocarbon- fueled heaters (kerosene, gas, coal, wood, oil, etc.) produce undesirable combustion by-products, regardless of how efficiently the heaters combust the fuel. These by-products can include carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and water vapor. Unless vented outside the living space, these by-products can drastically increase the level of indoor air pollution. They are especially harmful to the elderly, small children, pregnant women, and those suffering from respiratory or cardiovascular diseases. In addition, all hydrocarbon fueled heaters produce carbon monoxide. However, because of the low combustion temperatures at which they operate, catalytic heaters produce far less carbon monoxide than flame combustion heaters. The level of carbon monoxide produced increases dramatically when the oxygen level in the living space is reduced, because the lower oxygen level reduces the efficiency of the combustion process.

It is for the above reasons that unvented heaters can only be safely operated with adequate ventilation provided by a door or window open to the outside.

Open doors or windows can cause heat losses of up to 50% or more. Because they have to compensate for incoming cold ventilation air, unvented heaters have BTU inputs of two to three times more than the PLATINUM CAT to provide the same amount of usable heat.


THE PLATINUM CAT produces sun-like radiant heat which warms people and objects directly and immediately. Classic flame combustion heaters generally first heat air which in turn warms the occupants of the space being heated. Warm air rises to the ceiling (causing heat stratification) where it is wasted. Flame combustion heaters therefore consume much more energy (BTUs) to provide the same heating comfort produced by THE PLATINUM CAT.


THE PLATINUM CAT is designed so that all surface temperatures remain relatively cool. Even a baby can safely touch the warmest part of the heater without being burned.

THE PLATINUM CAT's combustion area is protected by a narrowly spaced chrome grill. A child's fingers cannot penetrate the grill should he or she accidentally fall against the heater. The grill's chrome plating reflects the radiant heat rather than absorbing heat as painted or matte finish surfaces do. Furthermore, the heat produced is directed away from all other heater surfaces, preventing any heat build-up. Used as directed, THE PLATINUM CAT simply cannot cause accidental fires or painful burns to people or animals . It can be installed flush against any combustible surface without the need for protective insulation.


Operating THE PLATINUM CAT is as simple as operating a central furnace system. Just set the thermostat and forget it. THE PLATINUM CAT starts and stops automatically, efficiently maintaining even room temperatures and allowing unattended operation. Additionally, thermostats used with THE PLATINUM CAT are equipped with a "positive-off" feature, so the heater will only operate when you want it to.

This automatic thermostat control sets THE PLATINUM CAT apart from most unvented gas and kerosene heaters which require manual lighting and shut-off or manually setting the heat output. Users of many manually controlled heaters find themselves either too warm or too cold, and unable to safely leave their heaters unattended.


THE PLATINUM CAT'S solid state ignition system automatically starts the heater when the thermostat calls for heat. When this occurs, the catalytic burner surface is preheated electrically to the proper combustion temperature without having to manually activate a spark ignition or pilot light. Electronic circuitry monitors the system and shuts it off as soon as full ignition of the burner takes place." No flash-no flame" operation is another one of THE PLATINUM CATs designed-in safety features.


THE PLATINUM CAT utilizes an electronically controlled fail-safe system which shuts off the heater or will not allow it to start, should a malfunction occur, or should an unsafe operating condition exist. The system is designed to automatically protect the user or occupant of the space being heated. As an example, the gas valve shuts off automatically if the exhaust flue should for some reason become blocked, when the gas flow is interrupted, when electricity is interrupted, or when the heater is used in a hermetically- sealed room preventing proper venting. Few space heaters have as many safety shut-off features as are provided by THE PLATINUM CAT.


THE PLATINUM CAT has been designed to take up little space, recognizing that wall space in most rooms is at a premium. The attractive powdercoated finish allows it to blend in with almost any room decor. Occasionally wiping the outer surface of the heater is all that is required to maintain the new appearance of the finish.


Installing THE PLATINUM CAT is a relatively simple task as long as the installation instructions are carefully followed. Because surface temperatures are low, it can be installed on any surface without the need for special insulation. THE PLATINUM CAT is most easily installed on an outside wall. However, because THE PLATINUM CAT uses a power vent system, it can also be installed on an inside wall or in a basement. Regular Schedule 40 ABS or PVC drainpipe can be used for up to 20' of additional exhaust pipe with up to four 90 degree turns. The exhaust pipe can be routed out of the back of the heater, down from the heater, to either side, or straight up. Care should be taken in routing and connecting the gas line, which should be performed by a qualified person.


THE PLATINUM CAT's unique features set it apart from all other space heaters and put it in a class all by itself. There simply is nothing else like it in the world as an energy conserving, safe, efficient and convenient heating appliance. Used as a zone or room heater in a primary heat source application, or as a supplementary heater to a central furnace system, THE PLATINUM CAT is a viable alternative to potentially hazardous unvented gas or kerosene heaters, expensive to operate electric room heaters, and inefficient furnaces. It is the perfect answer to reducing heating costs and solving those tough heating problems without sacrificing safety, efficiency and convenience. Please note that due to demand, lead time for new heaters